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  • Lea is a talented baker. I like her (surprisingly) gluten free cupcakes more than any other I've ever had. The texture is so springy, and the varieties are always new favorites. I always recommend her to everyone who asks about their favorite dessert makers. I'm hooked!
    — Marina M., Oakland, CA
  • I've never met a Lea Camille's Treat I didn't like! She somehow makes gluten-free cupcakes moist and tasty......better than any other GF product I've had. Her exciting flavor combos are super-fun, too. You can tell she makes everything with lots of love - you won't be disappointed!
    — Erin G., San Mateo
  • Lea's chocolate mini cheesecakes are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! I've also had her GF red velvet cupcakes, which are incredible too- super moist and flavorful. Her prices are very reasonable for gluten free goodies. Try her out!
    — Amanda A., Oakland
  • Lea's treats hits the sweet spot for the most decadent desserts that is gluten free! I serve it at parties and people are convince that GF is a delicious treat that commands main attraction at the dessert table!
    — Maricar, Spin City Coffee, San Francisco
  • Lea is an amazing gluten-free bake master. We knew we wanted to offer something different at our wedding and we also knew quite a few of our guests would be thrilled to eat a gluten-free dessert at our dinner reception. Before the wedding, she baked us a sample selection of 16 different cupcakes so that we could try our favorites from her list of offerings. That process alone was delectable. We chose the cheesecake cupcake and the lemon lavender cupcake. She set up the cupcakes on our special day using a special cupcake tiered stand to add some drama. It was awesome! And our guests were delighted. Thanks so much, Camille's Confections!
    — Matty M., San Francisco
  • and i tried these ginger snaps. and i don't like ginger snaps, never have. because fake ginger is just step above satan's own fake licorice. a demon trick on small innocents. these were true ginger and snap and i believe gluten free and vegan. and me, i ate them, in the damn dessert. biblical. good. i been buggin about them ever since. and i hear tell there are cupcakes...dag...
    — Riz R., Seattle, WA
  • Ok so this one time, I was pretty well fucked up and found myself in this house full of amazing people on a similar vibe, and I went into the kitchen and BAM! Lea Camille's Treats! Tasted incredible at 5am and prob saved my life. Or do we need to talk about that gf chocolate banana bread loaf that I wanted to be alone with (but it's best I wasn't).
    — Kristen L., San Francisco
  • As a wedding planner, I need a baker who can produce yummy gluten free cupcakes for my clients. I will always use Camille's Confections because she uses the best ingredients, has the best flavors and puts so much love in her cupcakes! I had a wedding last June and my clients were on the autoimmune protocol (AIP) and needed gluten free cupcakes. They selected five different flavors from Camille's Confections. My clients were so delighted with the cupcakes for their wedding. The guests eagerly ate them and there were no leftover cupcakes. I completely trust Lea Camille to make the most delicious treats!
    — Freida Neiman, San Francisco, Sacred Weddings and Events
  • Camille's Confections created cupcakes for my wedding and I couldn't have been more pleased! Lea, CEO and Founder, personally worked with my husband I to create the menu. Everything was customizable but she also provided options when we need a little more guidance. She came to our home to do a taste-test and created an extra large cupcake for our wedding cake! As a bride, it was exciting to work with Lea and at the same time, I felt pampered... it was the perfect combination! Thank you Lea and Camille's Confections for being the icing on the cake! :)
    — Jaclyn A., San Francisco
  • I've ordered Camille’s Cofections for a few different occasions including baby showers, my daughter's birthday party and also some corporate events for my husband. The cupcakes have been the star of the show every time, beautifully presented and incredibly delicious to taste. The selection of flavour pairings available also consistently impresses me! everything from Lemon/Lavender to Chocolate/Peanut Butter and anything imaginable in between. And also, Lea is absolutely lovely to work with. I would highly recommend her as a caterer/supplier!
    — Trish D., San Francisco
  • I ordered 900 cupcakes from Camille's Confections as dessert for my company's holiday party at a night club. Everybody loved them and commented on the fantastic flavor choices. She was even able to accommodate gluten free! They were the perfect, fun answer to solving for a large group and needing to avoid flatware.
    — Lani R., San Francisco